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    OldSchool RuneScape (OSRS) Vorkath Melee Guide

    Vorkath is among the easiest and most lucrative bosses that can be played solo in RS Gold which could be killed in melee or ranged mode. After release of Dragon Hunter Lance in 2019 January it became even easier and more efficient to kill it in melee style, because you’ll receive that delicious 20% increase in damage and accuracy while fighting dragons. Another benefit of killing Vorkath by melee is the supply of supplies saved, since killing them in melee will grant you better defense, and you don’t require ammo. This is why we will focus on eliminating Vorkath by using melee in this guide.


    The typical profits for a single kill ranges from 140k to 160k OSRS gold. Once you become very skilled in Vorkath You can anticipate to kill more than 30 times per hour . This translates to 4.5M in gold every hour. But that is also dependent on your equipment which will be covered later. There is no typical drop like dragon hides, coins and various alchables , etc. There is a chance to receive one of the very few rare drops that can enhance your trips notably. The list of some of the most unique drops along with prices (2019 to June) below:

    Draconic visage – 6M

    Skeletal visage – 36M

    Dragonbone necklace – 104k

    Vorki – a dope looking pet.

    Additional information of value:

    Just like Alchemical Hydra as well as Zulrah, Vorkath will always provide you with 2 drops that will remain in the ground for 30 mins (unless you exit the area, which will result in losing your objects that were dropped!). If died, you will be able receive all of your items from a boatman who charges 100k. After some practice, this shouldn’t pose a problem, because Vorkath is an easy single boss who can be killed while you’re watching YouTube or engaging in other tasks in the background.

    Salve amulet (ei) bonus for attack does match with dragon hunter’s bonuses because Vorkath is considered to be an undead monster. If you’re on the blue dragons’ slayer job, you could also bring your slayer’s helmet and swap the salve (ei) amulet to an amulet of torture or fury to get even more kills.

    Requirements and suggestions:

    You must be able to complete Dragon Slayer 2 which has requirements such as 200 quest points Legends Quest, Dream Mentor, Edgar’s Ruse etc. You’ll also require prerequisites for skills such as 60 Agility, 70smithing, etc. But these skills are worth your hard work that will be worth it!
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