Write For Student Scientists

A Few Ways To Get Involved

Write For Student Highlights

Highlighting the achievements of student scientists is a big part of what we do through this site. Writers in this category will contact/interview students about their achievement.

Writers will have access to Nomination Forms with contact and achievement information, but they are also welcome to write about other student scientists. 

Write About Your Research

We believe that part of celebrating the success of student scientists is to hear about what you are doing. Being so, we want to allow students to share their research and experience. We hope that through this others may be motivated and inspired in their science careers. 

Writers will contact us with a summary of the project and if accepted will be asked to submit their article. Remember the audience you are writing for may not have much background in your field. If possible, also provide links to related works for further reading. 


Write About Your Experiences

Through our coming Experiences section, we are open to hearing about what you want to write about. We believe in providing student scientists with the opportunity to write about what motivates them, their experiences, special circumstances they have had to overcome, etc.

Talking about your experiences and reading about the experiences of other student scientists can be a great motivator for many people.

If you would like to write an article about your experience in the field, feel free to contact us with ideas for us to evaluate it. We will get back to you soon with a decision.